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survey stolen from theresa!! + name: Desiree + nicknames: Des,… - [ . LeT me DiE 4 rOcK N RoLL . ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 22nd, 2004|12:05 am]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |oh god...white tee]

survey stolen from theresa!!

+ name: Desiree
+ nicknames: Des, Dez...oh god DESI ahh.
+ sex: a girl last time i checked..
+ birthdate: January 15 every year
+ place of birth: Columbus Hospital aka Chicago
+ current residence: Chicago
+ current hair color: Black
+ eye color: DARK brown
+ height: 5' 4
+ writing hand: Right

+ do you bite your nails: yes ):
+ can you roll your tongue: hehe yes
+ can you raise one eyebrow at a time: yesss
+ can you blow smoke rings: no smoking kills!!
+ can you blow spit bubbles: haha yes
+ can you cross your eyes: yes
+ colored hair: yea...buh its naturally black..
+ piercings and where: ears..and my `stomach once buh that didnt work out hehe
+ do you make your bed daily: haha NO

+ which shoe goes on first: i dont pay attention..
+ speaking of shoes, thrown one at someone: every1's downstairs...besides thats not nice!

+ how much money is usually in your wallet: 9 dollars in my pocket!

+ what jewelery do you wear: a necklace and sometimes earring...usually a safety pin

+ how many cereals are in your cabinet: 6
+ what utensils do you use when eating pizza: my HANDS
+ hair drying method: the AIR?

+ do you paint your nails: on occasion
+ do you mumble to yourself: yes once n a while teehee
+ do you burp in public: erm...?

+ person you talk most on the phone with: gah who cares

+ what color is your bedroom: blue-gray
+ do you use an alarm clock: yup! i hate it wen i turn it off in my sleep tho!! grrr
+ window seat or aisle: depends whether desiree is feeling social or not
+ what's your sleeping position: im always spread out
+ what kind of bed do you like:...comfortable ones?

+ in hot weather do you use a blanket: yeah i use my blanket all year long

+ do you snore: nope
+ do you sleepwalk: oh god..yes
+ do you talk in your sleep: well...i wake up randomly and say things...then im all like wtf did i jus say that for?! and people who are near look at me really weird...but besides that... NO! heh

+ lights on or off: off unless im really tired, then it doesnt matter
+ do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on: tv once n a while....hardly the radio

last time you...
+ watched bambi: awww! erm...wen i was 6???
+ cried: hmm..yesterday i think
+ talked on the phone: today!
+ read a book: yesterday!
+ punched someone: TODAY!!
+ punched: ?!

- -right/now- -

Current Clothes: jeans and my grey hoodie
Current Mood:tired/hungry
Current Taste: oatmeal!

Current Make-Up: mascara
Current Hair Style: ponytail

Current Annoyance: people in this house

Current Thing You SHOULD be Doing: ...sleeping....

Current Desktop Picture: Nelly

Current Book: This book 4 skool...A Lesson Before Dying
Current CD in Player: LBC
Current DVD in Player: nuffin

-this/or/that- -

Rock/Rap: Rock
Pop/Rap: Rap
Rock/Metal: Rock
Pop/Rock: Rock
Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit: Linkin Park
Selena/Jennifer Lopez: Selena
Hot/Cold: hot

Winter/Summer: summer
Spring/Fall: fall
Shakira/Britney Spears: Shakira
ICP/Eminem: Eminem!!
Black/White: Black
Orange/Red: Red
Yellow/Green: Green
Purple/Pink: Pink cuz purple iss ugly!!

- Inside/Outside: Outside in the summer...inside in the winter
Cell Phone/Pager: Cell Phone
Pen/Pencil: Pen
Powerpuff Girls/Charlies Angels: Powerpuff Girls!!
Scooby Doo/Dino: Scooby Doo

hehe time to go eat then sleep!

[User Picture]From: luckiexlaur
2004-12-30 04:26 am (UTC)
hey giz! well i got a new username and stuff so you can add this one to your friends list (so it actually looks like you have friends..) lol jk. you know i love ya!

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