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wow i must have been on crack last time i updated. i was so hyper its… - [ . LeT me DiE 4 rOcK N RoLL . ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 17th, 2004|01:21 pm]
wow i must have been on crack last time i updated. i was so hyper its not even funny. ANYWAY. todays the last day before winter break which is good n everything except for the fact that im going to get in lots of trouble when progress reports come cuz mine is bad bad bad. 5 c's. thats really not good. so im in spanish right now...i think...im not sure cuz no1 the teacher isnt here and only 9 other kids are here and like, 7 are missing and so is the T.A. and my teacher so maybe they didnt go to the computer lab...hmmm? oh well not like i care! anyway im gunna go find them with julian byebye

arite so now im in bio..the day is almost over thank god. so every1 was in the other building doing nothing so we jus walk in and dont get in trouble so it was cool. so now mr. c jus sed we only have 4 minutes left so i shudnt even bother to try to do this since i cant see shyt cuz theyre watchin a movie n im jus sittin here with my labtop its killing my eyes. see you all laterrrrrr
i deleted all my xanga entries , btw. theres a reason. ask if u care to know, i dont feel like explaining right now