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ohhh hi guys!! i havent updated this thing in a really really long… - [ . LeT me DiE 4 rOcK N RoLL . ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 3rd, 2004|01:33 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]

ohhh hi guys!! i havent updated this thing in a really really long time i kinda ditched it since i got a xanga~~ hehe. mmk anyway! hows life goin for all u people??? mines good good its surprising cuz it never seems to be goin good but it is!! hmm..whats new whats new??? nothing really i suppose..school is kinda ehhh cuz its like, all this work and whatnot but hey whatever! oh gosh im starting to really REALLY like connor..i mean ive liked him from the beginning but its different now cuz its like REALLY a lot lol .. i know im not making much sense but it doesnt even make sense in my OWN head so all i know is i love him <3 lol all cheesy he does the cutest stuff its so cute hehe like yesterday he rode the orange line with me and it was nice `nd warm haha and he sent me this "i love you" thing with letters its so cute (: ok aNYWAY! moving on! i saw munchie the other day @ mcdonalds it was nice cuz i havent seen him 4 a while ..he looks/seems different!.. its hard 2 say how he jus does but in a good way! he has glasses lol moving on from him and his hot self hahaha ok that was crazyy woo im hyper can u tell!? well anyway maybe i should go do my spanish cuz like..im supposed 2 b doing something but this is just 2 much fun! mmk anywayyyy christmas is coming guys!! have yourself a merry little christmas (or kwanza!)

(or hannukah!)

or...uhm...yeah jus HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

`mucho amor hahah << i love that i did it again hahah

ok `~much amor >> desiree!!!!!

From: babiikiddo
2004-12-10 05:56 pm (UTC)


heeyyy lovA!
long time no talk hey i had a dream abotu u hahaha all krazzy we where talking....thats it no wait did thta realii happen ....

i was at the field house n u passed n said that ricky n we talked more after that hey i think half of that is true er real..? wut

ims ry happi x mas n l8te chicken dai! love you
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